EDF restore Power 19 December 2009

A 31 hour power cut for most of Horningtoft residents was caused by a broken pole in a field. It broke just after 10pm during a storm storm on 17th December 2009.  EDF workers arrived mid day to replace the pole and reconnect the power lines.

EDF 4 wheel drive truck

EDF energy worker Richard getting ready to cross the field

EDF Landrover

EDF vehicle stuck in field

on tow  
Horningtoft farmer Graham Drew came to the rescue!

EDF vehicle being towed across the field

Tracks in the snow
finding cables

Removing the cables from the broken pole.

Graham watching the earthing cables being attached
new pole in

EDF workers Martin and Matthew locate the cables

Attaching the new cable carrier to the new pole
attaching cables

Lifting the cables

Many thanks to EDF workers Richard, Matthew and Martin for restoring the power.  Also special thanks to Graham Drew for his assistance, without his help it would have been even longer without power.


Horningtoft Heritage Society